Mike Maples, CEO of Community Health of Central Washington, right, retired Aug. 19, 2019, but he will be staying on as a full-time employee through September. During that time, he’ll be working alongside new CEO Angela Gonzalez (not pictured).

To the editor — Your recent story about Dr. Michael Maples and his wonderful wife Dr. Marjory Henderson was a superbly written salute to two of our Valley's most important people in the last 30 years ("A legacy of care: Community CEO Mike Maples retiring," Aug. 18). We have watched them training residents in a productive, absolutely magnificent way, which will continue medical care in this Valley for all eternity.

Mike has overcome enormous problems with his wry smile and kindness, determination and skill to the point that he is producing about eight residents a year, which is no mean task. His clinics are treating patients throughout the Valley and in Ellensburg who might not otherwise have access to medical care, which has become a critical problem here.

All of us retired physicians in the area are proud of what he has accomplished, with special help from Dr. Doug Corpron and others, and we all wish the two of them great success in all their endeavors in the future.