To the editor — All lives matter. Sudden in-custody police deaths have been occurring for decades. Over those years, many police policies and procedures have been changed or modified. Usually there are several commonalities when these incidents occur. First, a person is arrested for an alleged crime. Second, the person fights with police, putting them into an agitated or elevated stress state. Third, during the autopsy they find the person is under the effects of drugs and/or alcohol. Fourth, the person has complications, either respiratory or cardiovascular, from the prior use of alcohol and/or drugs.

Every life matters, and when a death occurs we need to investigate each case individually, not as a group problem. We do not need to take away or limit tools used by the police so they can protect lives and property, especially in a potential riot situation. Many avenues exist for changes to take place, including peaceful protests. Use those alternatives, but do not throw things or fight with the police, as this is a crime. Then this escalates the situation, and the police are charged with maintaining the peace. I will march peacefully for all lives matter, but not for an alleged criminal.