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To the editor — The American Civil Liberties Union challenged the Yakima City Council for its lack of proper representation of Latinos. It was only right to bring Yakima into the 21st century rather than stay in 1972, when the population was represented by conservative white men who did everything based on what they felt was good for them and their community.

Yakima has grown and changed since those times, and it's good that Liz Hallock has the vision to help move Yakima away from repression and stagnation. Everyone's views and opinions matter and help to maintain the standards. Yakima needs to avoid corruption and unnecessary spending within the city, not a "strong mayor."

I believe Liz Hallock would be a much-needed voice for Yakima City Council District 5, and her views would help this city grow and prosper.

It was suggested that Hallock had a personal agenda. If her agenda is to help the city of Yakima to grow and bring it forth into a much broader global economy and make it prosper, then everyone should have that sort of agenda.