To the editor — In medicine, we are taught, “First, do no harm.” While coronavirus rates in Yakima remain among the highest on the entire West Coast and essential agriculture workers are disparately impacted, Rep. Chris Corry has been suing to open up prematurely and unsafely, gambling lives and damaging our ability to restore our economy.

Litigation instead of leadership costs lives, hurts our economy, and fails to restore freedom. We all want to get back to work and to a more normal life. Doing so safely means agreeing upon a set of achievable goals and then doing the hard work to make them happen.

Leaders during a crisis have the potential to unite and the responsibility to try. Filing frivolous lawsuits and undercutting local public health workers costs lives and puts us all at risk. As a physician and a mother, I’m running for the state House of Representatives because I’d rather fight for our families than intubate them.


White Salmon