To the editor — Gov. Inslee intends to establish a state Office of Equity in July. An Office of Equity Task Force has been meeting since August on its purpose and plan. Its operating principles state, “Embracing equity requires us to identify, name, and dismantle institutional racism,” and defines racism as “a construct of white supremacy.”

According to their Draft Preliminary Report to the Governor and the Legislature, the Office of Equity will play “an integral role in state codify statements in policy and legislation...transform government.”(p.20) Every state agency will be required to have a DEI (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion) plan and designated liaison to the Office of Equity, which will be given authority to “enact consequences” on those state agencies that are not in compliance. (p.23) The preliminary report recommends this new office to have 25 full time employees at the cost of 3.9 million dollars.

Find more information about the Office of Equity Task Force at Of particular interest, watch Part 2 of the Aug 19, 2019, meeting starting at the 1 hour 15-minute mark, where they define racism. After informing yourself, please contact your state legislator and the governor with your opinion on this plan.