Trump’s hatred of nature puts humans at risk

To the editor — There are many reasons to detest Donald Trump. We have heard them daily for the last four years. But there is one reason that receives less attention than it should — the man absolutely hates nature. Beginning with his withdrawal from the Paris Climate Accords he has sought to reverse every environmental gain achieved over the last few decades, he has gutted the EPA and installed a former coal lobbyist to head the agency; similarly, his secretary of the Interior is a former oil lobbyist. Both replaced men who resigned in disgrace. Now Trump has his sights set on rolling back the National Environmental Policy Act (1970), our nation’s landmark environmental law.

There is nothing this odious president won’t do to destroy the environment for the benefit of industry. Environmental protection is no longer a choice; it is a necessity. A recent

UN report predicts the extinction of

1 million species of plants and animals in the coming decades if we continue the status quo. Extinction, as in gone forever. Is that the world we want to live in?

No less than the future of the human species is at stake. Donald Trump must go sooner rather than later.