German POWs

Captured German soldiers board a train in Boston to be shipped to prison camps around the country. About 600 German soldiers were sent to Wapato, where they were put to work on Lower Valley farms.

Japanese-Americans in internment camps, not concentration camps

To the editor — The column in the Aug. 5 Yakima Herald-Republic on the German POWs was interesting, since I was living in the Wapato area at the time and my dad was growing sugar beets (“It Happened Here: German POWs worked at Lower Valley farms during World War II”). I remember riding with my older brother in a truck, because my dad had to haul the harvested beets to the piling area. We picked up some POWs to work in my dad’s sugar beet fields.

The reason I am writing this letter is that the Japanese-Americans who were displaced were not sent to concentration camps, like in Germany and Poland during World War II, but were sent to internment camps, like those in Montana and Arkansas. The author was incorrect in his wording.