To the editor -- “Be still my foolish heart,” I thought, as I read the front-page headline of the Aug. 12 YHR print edition regarding the city administrator of Selah: “Council Oks outside investigator.”

I knew the Selah School District would begin classes remotely in the fall. Be thankful, I had thought, that the school district is not run by the City Council, which, not in a hundred years, would even consider such a sensible step.

When I saw that Aug. 12 headline about an investigator, I thought, “My gosh, the council may have come to its senses after all.” But when I read the first paragraph of the story, my hopes were dashed: “The Selah City Council recommended Mayor Sherry Raymond hire an outside investigator if she deems it necessary to look into action of City Administrator Don Wayman.”

“If she deems it necessary”? Balderdash!

Think of the City Council as a henhouse, supervised by three foxes: the mayor, the city manager and the city attorney. No way would those foxes deem an investigation necessary. If they did, it would by order of the foxes deem the city administrator blameless. He would be exonerated.

This is government of, for, and by the foxes.