51st State Second Amendment

FILE — Nick Krusmark, of Longview, Wash., wears an AR-15 rifle as he takes video with his phone, Friday, Feb. 15, 2019, at the Capitol in Olympia, Wash., during a rally held by people advocating splitting Washington state into two separate states and questioning the legality of Washington's I-1639 gun-control measure.

To the editor — For years, the general public, as well as concerned politicians, have referred to immigration from the south as a "flood." Long before our president properly referred to the onslaught of our southern border by groups of hundreds as an "invasion," the general public already used the term liberally.

Since separating from the Army 50 years ago, I have seen absolutely no reason to think I needed an assault weapon. There are two categories of civilians who want an assault weapon: those who want to kill innocent people to gain attention, and those who obviously want to experience the rush, but do not follow through.

No one needs an assault weapon unless they are in the military or a police department!

Hunting? It is a proven fact that the more shots one has, the less accurate they will be when firing at a single target.

While any intelligent person realizes there is an invasion of our southern border, and that psychopaths kill people, not guns, why is it the president's fault?

I agree he should keep his mouth shut 60 percent of the time, but he is doing exactly what he campaigned to do.