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Megan Hantz is seen wearing a mask next to her newborn Phoebe Estelle in the neonatal intensive care at Sacred Heart Children's Hospital in Spokane, Wash.

To the editor — I wear a mask indoors even though I've already been vaccinated. The vaccine protects me from serious illness, but I feel obligated to wear a mask to protect the unvaccinated until such time as everyone is safe. Vaccinated people can occasionally spread the virus without having symptoms themselves. I especially want to protect the children. Although it's somewhat rare for children to get sick from COVID-19, more than 400 kids in the United States have died from this virus, and a few suffered horribly.

I don't want to be the person to spread the virus to someone who then spreads it to another, who then infects an innocent child. It's a tiny inconvenience to possibly prevent a great harm. The kids will eventually have their own shot, or all adults will either be vaccinated or have natural immunity for a while after getting, and hopefully surviving, the virus. Then even the dreaded delta virus can't continue to spread. Until then (it's a personal choice), I mask up indoors.