Alexandra Terjeson, a kindergarten educator at Wapato Elementary School, who can be seen in the thumbnail in the upper right corner, leads a Go Noodle party via Zoom chat with her class.

To the editor — Lessons learned! The COVID-19 pandemic brought so many bad changes to our world that most do not deserve to be mentioned.

In public education, we saw changes that most had never believed plausible just months before. The largest challenge for most educators was learning a new meaning for vocabulary that seemed to have become obfuscated from its original intent, and I struggled mightily to understand some of the requests that were put forward as a solution to the myriad instructional problems we faced. Following are a few words that caused me great consternation until I was able to decipher precisely what educational leadership meant by these new terms.

1. in·no·va·tive - “The ability to “make stuff up."

2. cre·a·tive – “Making more stuff up.”

3. flex·i·ble- Willing to do “whatever” anybody else wants in order to meet their personal needs.

4. ac·com·mo·dat·ing- Abandoning all your values to do what others desire.

5. nim·ble- The ability to quickly acquiesce to others wishes.

Once we understood the new meanings, it became much easier to plan and prepare for the dissemination of our educational lessons. Someday soon, we will have to learn the real meaning of “Inclusion” and “Standards.”