To the editor — I am writing in support of Liz Hallock, who is running for position 5 on the Yakima City Council. I first met Liz last year when as a teacher with the Yakima School District, I along with other teachers voted to strike if necessary to ensure we received our fair share of the McCleary funding. Liz showed up to numerous rallies to talk with teachers and learn more about our working conditions as well as what issues were important to us as educators and residents of Yakima.

Since then, I have had the opportunity to get to know Liz better, especially through her social media platform. She is smart, progressive and results-oriented with real plans to move Yakima forward economically as well as address social issues. However, what is most striking about Liz is her willingness to engage with all people of Yakima – not only a select few with money and power. She means it when she says “A Yakima for All of Us” and this is exactly the message Yakima needs in these divisive times.

I urge the voters of District 5 to consider Liz and participate in this important upcoming election.