Liz Hallock

FILE — Liz Hallock, owner of Sweet Relief Cannabis Boutique, helps a customer at the shop in Yakima, Wash., Monday, Oct. 2, 2017.

To the editor — What people don't understand about legalized marijuana is that it's one of the most heavily regulated businesses in the world. Liz Hallock thrives in the industry because she's a straight arrow. She understands all the employment laws. Workers can't consume before work, like most people assume. People's livelihoods depend on it; one mischecked I.D. can shut down the business and result in thousands of dollars in fines and lost jobs.

I've been to countless mini-markets and liquor stores even vape shops here in Yakima where the clerks don't even check I.D. That doesn't fly in Hallock's store, where her workers take pride in their work.

This is why I believe she is the best choice for Yakima City Council, District 5. She has the background in both law and business to help rebuild a better Yakima.

We need a lawyer on the council — someone who's going to help the public and obey the rules. She follows the straight-arrow approach, which many people don't.

I believe people are quick to judge when they hear "marijuana." But at the end of the day, it's strictly business and Hallock observes the law.