To the editor — The legislature is considering more anti-gun bills aimed at depriving law-abiding residents of their constitutional right to self-defense. Magazine bans, required redundant training, ammunition taxes and semi-automatic rifle bans will do nothing to improve public safety, yet will push the costs of gun ownership further beyond the reach of those who need protection the most: victims of stalking and domestic violence, low-income workers, the disabled and minorities.

For example, SB6294 would require repeated training at each renewal of a concealed carry permit. We don't even require this for the worst drivers with numerous violations, suspensions or revocations. These bills will not recognize prior training from the military, law enforcement, corrections or private sources.

The 675,000–plus Washington CCP holders are the safest group of gun owners. There are numerous examples of CCP holders using their guns responsibly to stop armed robberies, assaults, carjackings, burglaries and other violent crimes. These bills will only handicap law-abiding residents while doing nothing to keep violent criminals from accessing the millions of guns and trillions of rounds of ammunition currently in public hands. I know because I worked with thousands of criminals in my 30-plus years in law enforcement and corrections.