NRA Convention

FILE — Bryan Oberc, Munster, Ind., tries out an AR-15 from Sig Sauer in the exhibition hall at the National Rifle Association Annual Meeting in Indianapolis, Saturday, April 27, 2019.

To the editor — I am responding to the Aug. 7 letter from Dale Taylor, "Terrorists, Nazi-lovers and lawmakers are cowards." Mr. Taylor sounds like he is a caring, concerned citizen regarding the violence that has been happening locally and around the country.

My heart hurts when I hear about these occurrences. But in my opinion, Taylor's comments are wrong and here is why: 1) The definition of a criminal is someone who does not obey the law. You can pass all the laws you want, and it won’t make a bit of difference except take guns from law-abiding citizens. 2) America’s sporting AR-15-platform rifles are among the most popular firearms being sold. The AR in “AR-15” rifle stands for ArmaLite rifle, after the company that developed it in the 1950s. AR-15-style rifles are not “assault weapons” or “assault rifles.” An assault rifle is fully automatic — a machine gun.

Where are the families, the doctors or the psychiatrists of these killers? How did they know absolutely nothing about what these people were planning? Maybe we should blame the killer, because he is the one who killed. The gun is a tool, like a hammer or knife.