Mass Shootings

FILE — Adam Friedman, 19, a youth organizer with the Brady Campaign To Prevent Gun Violence, holds a sign saying "Disarm Hate" as other protesters spell out "No Hate" during a rally against racism and white nationalism, and in favor of gun laws, Tuesday, Aug. 6, 2019, near the White House in Washington.

To the editor — The benefits of the simple ideal of civility seem obvious. But then one more guy with hate in his heart and a gun in his hand proves that for some, it's not obvious at all. The problem is that hate is learned, and kids are soaking it up early.

Inside my son's classroom, he was called both a "gringo" and the "n" word. And as we begin a new school year, it worries me. It isn't just on American politicians to promote civility. It's everyone's duty, especially those in leadership roles.

We can stop hate, if we really want to. It only takes shape when kindness and tolerance are not demanded. So let's demand it! We have to. The world is watching. Our kids are watching.