To the editor — My 92-year-old father and I disagree on several world matters. I'm a 67-year-old female. I believe in God, he does not. He leans left, I lean right. What we do agree on: The country is in a world of hurt. He's concerned about COVID-19, so am I, it's real, though I think it's become a political football. Stress is real and so are the health repercussions.

I know we're both concerned about the fallout of shutting the country down, and what it's doing to both families and businesses. Our state and country need our workforce and businesses for tax revenue and all that's needed to maintain our way of life. People and businesses alike have obligations, bills to pay. No jobs, social security won't be paid into, federal taxes aren't collected, businesses folding, boarded-up buildings -- our city will see a reduction in revenue, and the entire community suffers. Washington state teachers will see jobs go away.

The writing is on the wall. I'm afraid it's lights out for our business and many others. Right or left, I'm praying for better days for all of us.