To the editor — In YHR's Nov. 11 edition, the News in Brief column says that “the election unfolded smoothly” and that the election “stands in stark contrast to the unsubstantiated claims of fraud” by Donald Trump. Are you not paying attention? Of course you’re not. There are 234 signed, notarized affidavits of election irregularities (translated into non-political jargon: cheating) in Michigan alone. Over 70% of Republicans think they got cheated and you ignore all of it.

I accept the fact that Trump won’t be re-elected. What I won’t accept is not investigating this and prosecuting the perpetrators, so it won’t happen again. Who knows, perhaps, the R's will do it to the D's next time? I know you’d investigate that.

I’m not a Trump fan, but I don’t see how you can put getting rid of him on a higher priority than the welfare of the country. Fair and accurate elections are the backbone of the country. Without them we have nothing. If this election goes uninvestigated and unprosecuted, we are rapidly descending into a banana republic, and you share a big part of the responsibility. Welcome to Peron’s Argentina, will you sing for us?