Yakima Central Plaza Rendering

A rendering of the proposed Yakima Central Plaza, rejected by voters in a November 2018 advisory election.

To the editor — In early 2019 we traveled to London. There we visited the Princess Diana Memorial Fountain (actually a 165 X 260 foot oval of rushing water streams) created by the firm of Yakima native Kathryn Gustafson.

To see this creation in person is far more brilliant than any photo can relate: it is a sparkling, dynamic fusion of architectural and artistic creativity. Absolutely exhilarating and moving to behold.

Since Yakima’s 2018 vote to reject Ms. Gustafson’s downtown proposal her London firm was awarded the extremely prestigious (and world competitive) contract to design the 100-acre park surrounding Paris’s Eiffel Tower. Please look up Kathryn Gustafson to get an idea of her extraordinary domestic and international achievements.

I am writing in hope that those who were the driving force behind the Yakima project will not give up the dream. There are few works of this world-renowned landscape artist on the West Coast which would make Yakima a destination for landscape architects and tourists alike just to have the opportunity to see her creation. What a jewel and source of pride this would be for our community -- wherever it is located. Boise Cascade land? Front Street? The Greenway?

Please don’t give up.