Vacuna Pfizer

To the editor — I receive The New York Times Morning Briefing. The July 26, 2021, article by David Leonhardt lays out facts regarding vaccinations for COVID.

Given the rise of cases in the county it is important to restate that vaccinated people are unlikely to be hospitalized or killed by COVID and millions of unvaccinated adults will continue to be hospitalized and die from COVID.

We have an abundant supply of vaccine for everyone in our country while people all over the world are dying because they do not have access to the COVID vaccine.

Choosing not to be vaccinated is a selfish act. If you get COVID or are a carrier you can expose many others to the virus. If you get COVID and need hospitalization your expectation will be that you will get excellent care and the health providers will do everything to save you. They will not neglect you because of the choice you made.

This unnecessary burden on our health system should influence your behavior and maybe make you rethink your selfishness.