Around 80 people gather for a Stand Against Racism demonstration hosted by YWCA Yakima Thursday, April 22, 2021, at the corner of Tieton Drive and South 72nd Avenue in Yakima, Wash.

To the editor — In response to the letter by Keally Cieslink about Critical race theory. In its most simplified form CRT is nothing more than a replacement racism. CRT says that all whites are racist and that no nonwhites are capable of racism.

Furthermore, since this country was founded by whites, it is inherently racist and must be totally dismantled. The replacement would be a Marxist/communist system. A Marxist/communist government is one that oppresses all people except the elite ruling class. The real answer is equal opportunity, not equal outcome, for all.

Be smart, CRT is not about racism or equality. The Marxists are using race as a tool to gain control and create a totalitarian government. Racism is wrong and sinful, and must be banished from the world, but CRT is not the answer. Please research CRT and see for yourself what it is all about.