51st State Second Amendment

FILE — Robert Brown, of Orient, Wash., holds a liberty state flag, Friday, Feb. 15, 2019, at the Capitol in Olympia, Wash., during a rally held by people advocating splitting Washington state into two separate states and questioning the legality of Washington's I-1639 gun-control measure.

Creating a new state in Northwest an arduous task

To the editor — For those wishing to create a new state in the Pacific Northwest, there are organizational steps to follow.

First, given our current national partisan politics, we must find a partner (like Mason-Dixon) to keep legislative balance. Certainly, Congress will never approve an unbalanced change. Although the District of Colombia is possible, Puerto Rico is likely the best choice.

Geographically, include in our potential new state congressional districts from Northern California, Southern and Eastern Oregon and Eastern Washington. Then Puerto Rico and Cascadia geographic areas have essentially the same population while having opposite politics. Therefore, our assumed Republican senators and representatives would be balanced by an identical cadre of Puerto Rican Democrats.

After making a partnership with Puerto Rico, we need to hold an assembly, write a state constitution, choose a capital and develop a set of petitions, with district-by-district initiative votes recommending our statehood, applied to all three existing states, plus the resulting two active territories, and at the federal level.

It is an arduous task, no matter how good an idea. One last issue: There has to be a substantial financial investment. Maine got out of Massachusetts; it is constitutional.

Great idea.Who’s up for a decade of challenge?