To the editor — Within the news article (June 9) on first year educators, I found something troubling. Mr. Moya was quoted as stating to his 1st graders that the reason Venus is hot, and Mercury is not is due to greenhouse gases (specifically CO2 at 96% of the atmosphere) and that is the same reason earth has a fever (atmospheric CO2 on earth is 0.04%).

To say that the reason Venus is hot is due CO2 (a minor greenhouse gas) is bad science. It is not a one-to-one relationship. If that were the case, Mars also would be hot. The Martian atmosphere is 95.3% CO2. There is not a linear relationship. My bigger concern is an educator in charge of teaching science is not teaching science. First graders believe anything their teachers say. If what the teacher says is biased or inaccurate, that unduly influences how kids think from there forward.

I would prefer educators teach how to think, not what to think. Mr. Moya should realize that meteorologists have significantly decreasing accuracy predicting the weather beyond two weeks. Also, weather and climate are very different. Climatic drivers and cycles occur over decade/century/millennial time frames.