To the editor — Crime continues to rise throughout society, and crime including violence is no stranger to Yakima County. We continue to fill our jails and prisons with criminals who have been convicted of domestic violence, gang violence and those who have committed burglary and theft. As time goes on, nothing seems to change in order to benefit our communities not only in Yakima but throughout our nation.

Maybe it is time for the microchip to arrive on the scene and for authorities to be allowed to implant them in criminals upon conviction. Then, if any convicted criminal tries to reoffend, the location and time of the crime could be cross-referenced to the microchip. While technology advances, we lack the opportunity to use these ideas to fight crime in order to keep or community safe.

The main question that should be on everybody's mind: If the microchip is capable of keeping our nation safe and your community or yourself from the real evil that exists outside your home, would you accept it? Or would you reject your family's safety over fear?