To the editor — Louise Duim's “socialist bandwagon” letter to the editor was offensive in many ways, but it reveals one of the saddest ideologies driving current conservative politics — scarcity thinking ("Socialist bandwagon hopes to destroy your freedom," April 5).

This mentality insists that “more for them means less for us.” It drives petty divisiveness and leaves everyone worse for it. Rather than incorporating people who immigrate into our ranks, scarcity thinking breeds fear, hatred and mistrust. Scarcity thinking claims that we’re being exploited by the poor, not by the rich.

Meanwhile, the ultra-rich pay lower tax rates than average citizens (Amazon paid no taxes in 2017 and 2018; their 2019 rate was 1.2%) despite taking advantage of “socialist” government services (for example: “socialist” roads, public safety, and employees educated in our public schools) to earn their profits. It’s common sense and overwhelmingly popular opinion that the ultra-rich should pay into the system that they benefit from.

The reality is that the U.S. is a nation of immigrants and a land of plenty. Scarcity thinking drives shortsighted, isolationist greed that withholds available resources from everyone. Let’s embrace our shared humanity and the reality that there’s plenty for everyone; we’ll be better off together.