Action from a Senior Summer Legion Baseball game between the Yakima Pepsi Beetles and the Yakima Valley Pepsi Pak Monday, July 22, 2019, at Parker Field in Yakima, Wash. Pak defeated the Beetles, 14-8.

To the editor — It is with great sadness I watch the pettiness of two coaches with shallow egos try to bring down American Legion baseball. Having followed Legion ball for years, even I know where the Pepsi Paks and Beetles have recruited their players. West Valley has grown and the Beetle coaches envy those players, so here we are.

What a sad day when fewer players can experience Legion ball to salve the ego of these two men.

As a veteran and American Legion member, honor used to be a hallmark, but even the state baseball commissioner is in favor of dishonorable conduct. Coaches and parents can’t seem to grasp that youth sports are about kids wanting to compete, have fun and play against the best.

The Beetles recruiting area already exceeds the enrollment allowed and they want more of the Pepsi Pak's recruiting area. How many young men will never get to experience Legion ball because two men’s egos?

Shame on the Beetles coaches, the local Legion boards that thought they were capable of honorably leading youth and the state board.