To the editor — For those of you who attended the Fall Classic races held at the Yakima Speedway recently in defiance of state law, your selfish and potentially life-threatening behavior has put all Yakima businesses -- businesses that have played by the rules -- and their customers at risk.

You could be in the grocery store checkout line, in the doctor’s office, the dentist’s office. Your child may sit next to mine in a classroom. I am not a religious person, but I try to live by the Golden Rule, and I would not have done what you did to you and yours. But maybe you can only understand that when it’s your loved one gasping for breath — your grandparent, your spouse, your child. And if you do get COVID-19, and land in the hospital, how could you possibly explain to the health care providers who are trying to save your life that you just had to go to the races -- that it was your right to assemble?