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To the editor — I recently had a very encouraging meeting with Soneya Lund, who is running for Yakima City Council, District 5. Her background makes her a natural choice. She is fiscally conservative, a small business owner, an involved mom and a candidate who has high hopes for the future o…

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Our group of 20 priests, six of us from Chicago and accompanied by staff of the Catholic Extension Society, arrived in McAllen, Texas, on Sept. 16. On the Mexican side of the border, in Matamoros, we heard about an estimated 7,000 men, women and children waiting in line in 90-degree heat. Th…

To the editor — Oct. 8, 2019 marked the 10th anniversary of Rod’s House! We have always been a grassroots community effort to make sure all young people experiencing homelessness have support and as we head into our second decade of existence need the community more than ever to ensure we ca…

To the editor — I am a longtime friend of Patricia Byers and believe she would be a great Yakima City Council member. She has served our community for many decades and understands the needs of this community. She has been a part of two Great American City campaigns, an ambassador and member …

To the editor — Our president is not royal. He is not above the law. His history is that of a bully who threats lawsuits to deter those who seek redress for wrongs he commits, lying to hide his wrongdoings and to defame his accusers, filing bankruptcy to avoid paying his creditors and stonew…

To the editor — Donald Trump is our political version of a black hole. He sucks in everything around him. Think of all the people he has drawn into his political orbit who have disappeared; the same people he praised as tremendous, great and wonderful until they said or did something he didn…

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