To the editor — By proclamation of the governor, January is School Board Recognition Month, and I proudly recognize our elected community members who selflessly give their time and energy in support of high-quality public schooling for our youth. This community entrusts school board members …

To the editor — I cannot understand the logic of Washington state leadership. A few days ago the Yakima Herald ran a story about the shortage of money to fund the public schools. Not surprisingly, the story, in short, suggested there will never be enough money for schools, which I believe is…

To the editor — Shame on local law enforcement! While Washington statute allows the use of fog lights, even when it’s not foggy, what about fog lights being used because the vehicle’s headlights don’t function properly? I am referring to pickups with oversize tires and/or lift kits that rend…

To the editor — People seem to either not know, not remember, or not care that we do not have rights conferred to us by government. Rights are conferred by nature simply because you are human. Nature also confers to the individual the right to freely use any armament in the defense of their …

To the editor — Having family in Yakima, it was unsettling to read the Herald article: "Yakima to lose 1 of 2 hospitals; Astria closing Regional as part of bankruptcy" (Jan. 9).

To the editor — So most IT people did not realize they needed to upgrade to Windows 10 before Jan. 14, 2020. I am a woman and I knew this. I also realized that some of the companies in Yakima are way behind the times.

To the editor — Interesting column in the paper on Jan. 16. The city of Yakima had a sister-city agreement with Keelung, Taiwan, until a couple of Yakima mayors decided they did not like international sister cities! Keelung paid all the costs.

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To the editor — I would like to express my support for President Donald Trump. He is a man who keeps his promises. He has made America great! He controls the military. The military does not control him.

To the editor — I occasionally glance at some of the anti-Trumpers' and never-Trumpers' opinion pieces in the Yakima Herald-Republic. What stands out is how these people naively parrot the same talking points that most of the mainstream media has been constantly spewing the past three years.

To the editor — There have been seven letters in the paper lately that were spot on. However, there was one on Christmas from a lady in Cowiche that was a comedy of errors. How can one possibly believe that our president does not take a salary? True, when he campaigned, he stated he wouldn’t…

To the editor — As I read in the Jan. 11 YHR of the 17-nation observatory for the study of Arctic climate (MOSAiC) and the unprecedented 1.5-million-acre mega-fire ravaging southeast Australia, I wonder: What will it take to motivate our leaders to seriously address climate change? In Austra…

To the editor — My favorite part of your paper used to be the hiking trails around the area. It would be interesting to have some of the lost trails noted today.

To the editor — Wow, an estimated 40,000 feral cats in Yakima County! Even if it was possible to neuter all 40,000, they would still be responsible for killing thousands of native song birds and ground dwelling creatures. Neutered or not, there is nothing benign about feral cats.

To the editor — Rachel Maddow’s book “Blowout” is the most significant and important book I have read regarding the global crises facing all humanity. The survival of our planet depends on our acting on the accurate and clear reporting in Maddow’s book. Her conclusions, based on meticulous r…

To the editor — Please don’t miss your opportunity to vote yes on the levy for the Yakima School District. The future has never been brighter for our schools. The addition of dynamic new superintendent and Davis grad, Trevor Greene, completes a package of staff who come to school each day re…

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