Reader Poll: Did the Yakima City Council make the right decision in voting to no longer require businesses to use E-Verify to screen job applicants?

The Yakima City Council narrowly approved eliminating the use of E-Verify — a federal electronic employment verification program aiming to ensure employers hire only legal employees — citing a strain on small business owners who do business with the city. Though E-Verify is neither state nor federally mandated for cities, some claim the program helps weed out undocumented workers. Do you agree with the council's action?

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To the editor — Pyramidal arborvitae are dense trees that grow tall, providing beauty and privacy when mature; they are a favorite for privacy fencing. Young arborvitae appear to be resilient to the tiny white “lice” that are killing our mature trees throughout Yakima.

To the editor — Enough with making James Cloud famous. He hasn't done anything worthwhile and shouldn't be having his picture in the paper every day. I thought you had stopped the practice of printing repeated photos of criminals.

To the editor — Many people, I am sure, are aware of the desire by some to do away with the electoral college. The Democrats have a plan called “The National Popular Vote Interstate Compact” designed to circumvent the U.S. Constitution by putting “together a coalition of states representing …

To the editor — I analyzed the article “Japanese Balloon Bombs Found in Yakima Valley” (June 10). First, I just wanted to say that the article had no bias in it whatsoever and was quite detailed when it came to describing both how the bombs looked and how they came to the U.S. The pictures w…

To the editor — Farmworker Justice, a Washington DC pro-union group, in their letter to the editor (June 5) claims, “disproportionately high” fatalities and injuries and that dairy farmer treatment of workers is “illegal” and “unfair.” None of this true.

To the editor — Within the news article (June 9) on first year educators, I found something troubling. Mr. Moya was quoted as stating to his 1st graders that the reason Venus is hot, and Mercury is not is due to greenhouse gases (specifically CO2 at 96% of the atmosphere) and that is the sam…

To the editor — An even more radical understanding of the relationship of the gospel to black people is found in the concept of freedom. We have seen that freedom stands at the center of the black man’s yearning in America. “Freedom Now” has been and still is the echoing slogan of all civil …

To the editor — The Yakima Valley has been home to my wife and I for most of our lives. We grew up here, attended school and college here, and started our careers here.

To the editor — Last week we all read the lengthy article relating to the challenges facing a handful of homeowners who stand to lose their property to the proposed East-West Corridor. I have observed that here in the greater Yakima area, there is quite a bit of “old thinking.” One perfect e…

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