Olympic Mountains

FILE — In this photo taken Tuesday, July 9, 2019, the Olympic Mountains are seen beyond a forest from Hurricane Ridge in the Olympic National Park, near Port Angeles, Wash.

To the editor -- We were happy to read the piece in the Dec. 11 Herald-Republic titled “Saturday Soapbox: Local support is strong for roadless forest protections” about roadless protections in the Tongass National Forest.

Protection of our public lands is something that Yakima Chief Hops cares deeply about and is a part of our commitment to fostering a sustainable future. Our business depends on clean water, which often comes from headwaters on public lands like national forest roadless areas.

Roadless areas, whether they are in Alaska or here in Washington state, provide important benefits like habitat for salmon and other wildlife, clean and safe drinking water and quality water to our customers around the country who depend on clean water to brew their quality ales and lagers with.

As a member of the Washington Brewshed® Alliance, we join with breweries and other beer industry businesses around the state to advocate for protecting wildlands and waterways around the state we call home. We support the current proposal to restore protections for national forest roadless areas in Alaska’s Tongass National Forest and will be providing comments on this important issue.

We encourage others to do so as well before Jan. 24.