Yakima County voters' guide

The Yakima County voters' guide is pictured at the Yakima County Auditor Office on Thursday, Sept. 30, 2021, in Yakima, Wash.

To the editor -- Autumn Torres, Matt Brown, Mark Shervey and Edgar Hernandez have presented themselves as a “Christian“ slate, which seems to be less about “What would Jesus do?“ and more about “Who would Jesus shoot?“

This group includes Jared Bower (aka Kyle Smith) and Keith Effler, the troublemakers who disrupted the 2017 District 4 election. Their “Rainshadow Report“ lost a suit for illegal election practices, and they had to pay a $14,000 settlement which included mailing one dollar to every registered voter in District 4. Absent Councilmember Jason White and his sidekick Kenton Gartrell are part of this group.

These people will not help our city move forward.

Please vote for Janice Deccio, Danny Herrera and Lisa Wallace. The Yakima City Council has important work to do which requires thoughtfulness and integrity.


Yakima City Council