Virg Umbarger of Yakima shows one of the many nice rainbows he and friends caught at Lake Roosevelt last week. The fish are biting near the surface on trolled plugs and flies up near Keller Ferry.(Photo courtesy Rob Phillips)

To the editor -- Saturday’s Soapbox article from Pat Hesselgesser regarding exempting Alaska’s Tongass National Forest from the National Roadless Rule is a timely reminder that events in Alaska, and perhaps other parts of the world, can have a real impact on the natural resources of Washington state.

Our state’s resources are threatened … orcas, salmon, steelhead, roadless areas and others. We must pay attention to the political and legal processes that are surrounding these discussions.

Saving these resources is not, and should never be, a political issue. These issues must be addressed by science and good judgment. Those who may be impacted negatively by the application of good science should have their issues mitigated.

As we address our state’s Snake River Dam issues, it is my hope that we can apply good science and solve any problems associated with saving our native fishes with a bipartisan approach that elevates saving our native fishes from extinction above any short-term economic issues.

Please get involved when asked to share your thoughts on these important issues.


Yakima Fly Fishers’ Association