To the editor — I have served as center physician for Fort Simcoe Job Corps Civilian Conservation Center for the past five years. I put up with the two-hour commute and loss of time from my family practice because my work at Fort Simcoe Job Corps serves a noble purpose.

We have teens and young adults from all over the United States, many who have disabilities or unbelievably horrid home environments. Some who come here are homeless and others are here to escape lives of crime, drugs and gangs. The program gives these individuals a chance to earn their GED in a stable environment and get job training that pays well over $30 an hour.

The isolated rural site allows for students to get training in heavy machine operation, heavy machine repair, auto repair, masonry, truck driving and carpentry. Students also make extra income by serving as wildfire fighting support.

With all due respect, I'm confused why President Donald Trump would order closure of a facility that helps young adults from a life of crime and poverty. The training the students receive could develop relevant skills for constructing the wall on the southern border.

Can someone help explain why this is occurring?


Quality Care Medical Clinic

Medical director, physician, Fort Simcoe Job Corps Civilian Conservation Center