Sol Shine

Most kids love dirt. And isn't it fun when you discover that a handful of dirt can be made into something like, say, a heart shape?

To the editor -- In a recent letter to editor, the writer expressed concern that today's children are not being allowed to develop natural immunity by playing in the dirt or otherwise exposed to a variety of bacteria and viruses. The inference seem to be that immunizations replaced the old-fashioned natural way.

I am a great proponent of kids playing in the dirt. I spent many childhood hour getting dirty. Our boys had a "digging hole" in the backyard. However, as good as dirt is, it doesn't protect from infectious diseases.

We all had to go through measles, chicken pox and mumps. Our kids don't have to suffer through those anymore. Polio crippled or killed many children. The polio vaccine was welcomed and embraced. Polio disappeared. COVID is a dangerous virus, but vaccines work to protect from serious infection. We don't need more surges or variants.

How many more will die if we depend on the development of crowd immunity? Dirt may be good for the soul, but vaccines keep us healthy.

Please get yourselves and kids vaccinated. It's the responsible thing to do.