Rittenhouse trial shows the width of America’s political, cultural divide

To the editor — The Kyle Rittenhouse trial has demonstrated that we as a nation indeed are greatly divided.

On one hand, we have a class of people that rely on our judicial systems to be fair at providing due process and personally take time to actually watch the trial and evaluate factual evidence before rendering an opinion about the defendant. It is reinforced with the belief that all persons are considered innocent until proven guilty.

On the other hand, we have politically charged mobs that don’t do any of those; ignoring evidence, cherry picking portions to fit an agenda, even protesting outside a courthouse attempting to influence juror decisions by threatening to riot or cause destruction if their agenda of guilty is not met.

Unfortunately, the second one is the result of left politically driven influence of hate for the right, socialist government ideology training and racism generation education internally within their own homes. I wouldn’t classify all Democrats in the second category, but that is where a good majority of their base appears to be; which is why the divide continues to grow, and could eventually shatter our foundational system if ‘We The People’ allow it to continue without intervening.