To the editor — Re: The April 3 article about the 3-year-old who was bitten in the face by a pit bull:

I want to know if it is going to take an attack like that or someone getting killed again before the ban on pit bulls is reinstated in Yakima. You would think a lesson would have been learned. There were previous pit bull attacks before that poor man in the wheelchair was mauled to death.

I know there was an article previously in the Yakima Herald-Republic about a young girl having a pit bull as a support or service animal. Unfortunately, anyone can purchase the vests on the internet identifying an animal as a support animal or service animal. The companies that train animals to be support or service animals do not train pit bulls.

The media and pit bull owners have run stories of pit bulls being sweet dogs that are the victims of bad owners. What about the hundreds and hundreds of articles about pit bulls raised in loving homes as a family member who suddenly attack?

Perhaps if the media didn’t portray pit bulls as victims, but just like any other breed, that woman wouldn’t have rescued up that dog.