Two tiny homes, provided by a group of local pastors and Transform Yakima Together, are pictured Monday, Aug. 16, 2021, at Terrace Heights Assembly in Terrace Heights, Wash.

To the editor -- Reading the story "Opposition in Terrace Heights halts plan to build tiny homes village for homeless people" story in the Sept. 9 edition, I continue to be amazed by the "not-in-my-backyard (NIMBY) attitude that people use to stoke unwarranted fears about much-needed affordable housing for Terrace Heights' less-fortunate.

If you look at housing initiatives in other cities for homeless or low-income people, you'll see that the new residents of these affordable housing apartments or other homes are often more considerate of their new neighbors, and are very engaged to create and keep a nice neighborhood.

Current homeowners or businesses that oppose these affordable housing options often cite fear of these less-fortunate neighbors being alcoholics, violent or will bring down the atmosphere of the current neighborhood. From the models I've seen in other communities, the "new" neighbors are often some of the most kind, considerate people you will know.

Please. Get over your NIMBY rationale and take a step to help your less-fortunate community members with a wonderful affordable housing initiative that is often the break they need.