If You Paid on Paused Student Loans, You Could Get a Refund

Newhouse’s take on student loan forgiveness is baloney

To the editor — One unfortunate consequence of my doing my civic duty by occasionally expressing my opinion to my elected representatives is I have to endure an almost daily barrage of propaganda from the office of Rep. Dan Newhouse. One recent screed was his intonation against student loan forgiveness, and it struck me as an incitement to class warfare for political point-scoring.

The problem is, it was a bunch of baloney. He attempted to characterize the program as a “Robin Hood in reverse,” suggesting that poor working people were subsidizing the educations of the wealthy elite.

Anyone who understands how income taxes (which fund the program) works knows that this is not true. And I suspect Dan knows how income taxes work.

Income taxes are paid primarily by the wealthy (though too many find loopholes to abdicate their responsibility) and the loan forgiveness, no doubt, will be great benefit to many struggling working families attempting to achieve some measure of independence — including many whose debts are from trade schools, community colleges, etc. This also includes many people Mr. Newhouse supposedly represents.

One thing Dan seems to know is if you can’t score points with the truth, then lie.