To the editor — Trump State TV and House Intelligence Committee Republicans are crucifying progressives because Teflon Don’s collusion with Putin can’t be proven beyond a reasonable doubt, in court. So Trump’s cult followers are doing the Happy Dance, forgetting the New York Southern District Court is waiting to judge his criminal history House Judiciary Chairman Adam Schiff reminded members of the ethical and moral aspects of Trump’s coziness with Putin. His behavior is a pattern, not an anomaly. The zealous condemnation progressives feel from conservative leaders is like being thrown to the lions, as Nero did to the early Christians.

Now, the Trump party is trying to eviscerate the ACA because Trump detests anything successful with Obama’s name on it, even though millions would lose healthcare. But that’s irrelevant to an immoral, insensitive, reprobate, conscience-free president. Persecuted Central American families seeking asylum at the border are treated as his “brown menace,” not with compassion. Trump’s obsessions, immaturity and enemies list are a curse to the health and safety of Americans.

After each mass shooting folks cry out for a sensible gun law with more mental health provisions. Well, we got it! But predictably, some ultra-right extremists are against it, sycophants of the NRA.