U.S. Rep. Dan Newhouse, R-Wash., announces on the House floor Jan. 13 that he would vote to impeach President Donald Trump.

To the editor -- Rep. Dan Newhouse's email to the YHR rationalizing his vote against the infrastructure bill made me realize Yakima voters should consider some "logrolling" in the next election.

Mr. Newhouse says his vote against more money is fighting to preserve "our way of life." What does that buzz phrase mean, sir? Do we cherish our pothole-riddled streets and highways? Do we embrace our incredible crime rate and drive-by shootings? Do we value the title of "The City Hit Hardest by Extreme Poverty in Washington," cited by the 24/7 Wall Street blog?

Mr. Newhouse, your courageous vote of Jan. 13, 2021, swayed me toward you. But you have fallen back on the insipid buzzwords from your party leaders' talking points again. There is no independent or insightful thinking in your email.

Voters, maybe it's time to send a majority party member to the House. Somebody who can do some "logrolling" -- negotiating and working with other majority members to bring home more of the things that would make Yakima what it once was: a safe and enjoyable hometown.

Maybe it's time to try something different if we don't like the outcomes of the last few decades.