Amanda McKinney's family members applaud moments after she was sworn in as the newest Yakima County Commissioner at Yakima County Courthouse on Wednesday, Nov. 25, 2020 in Yakima, Wash.

To the editor -- Two headlines were first, surge in COVID infections/hospitalizations (driven by the unvaccinated) and second, ongoing politicalization of the health board (driven by Amanda McKinney).

It is embarrassing and sickening to continue to hear these misguided, anti-science, irresponsible individuals continue to mislead. It is not Jay Inslee making these recommendations for masking. It is him listening to public health scientists.

McKinney's comments that parents should decide begs the question of why these same adults in our country and county ignored masking, social distancing and vaccine evidence-based recommendations that have contributed to illness and deaths of hundreds of thousands of Americans.

McKinney and her fellow anti-scientists seem to embrace a juvenile interpretation of "libertarianism," that is, I can do whatever I want without consequences. It is this approach that has led to the myriad rules and regulations that these juvenile libertarians seem to abhor.

Responsible/adult libertarianism means doing what is best for all responsibly in order to minimize needing rules and regulations. However, the actions of people like McKinney continue to fail to meet the standard of adult libertarianism. They are just political grandstanders.

Barry Bernfeld