Columbia Safety staff work to inoculate people with COVID-19 vaccines Tuesday, May 25, 2021, at the Yakima Community Vaccination Center at State Fair Park in Yakima, Wash. (Amanda Ray / Yakima Herald-Republic)

To the editor -- Two letters to the editor on Sept. 6 need to understand humor.

No was was going to turn away COVID people at the hospital. However, people who don't get inoculated or refuse to wear masks must isolate themselves from the general population because all of you are potentially spreading COVID.

This is a fact and the person that said there is no proof flunked math and science. The gold standard for vaccination is 90% effective and the rate of COVID in vaccinated people is between 3-5%. Plus some of the people in the 3-5% range have compromised immune systems and that was expected.

Cases of COVID involving non-vaccinated people is at 97%. One writer says their kids get vaccinated for polio, etc. because they have been proven, however when I and most of the U.S. over 60 getting those shots, they were not proven by today's standards. Medical science and computer science have improved so much since then that you are comparing apples to oranges.