To the editor -- I’m the 92-year-old who lives in the old log house in south Selah. I’m an independent liberal. I do not think Trump changed the Republican Party, he exposed it. For decades the same messengers of hate were part of the Democratic Party, just not embraced or LBJ would not have signed the Civil Rights Bill.

A little history: Roosevelt took over during the Great Depression and invested in America, then came the Second World War. After the war Eisenhower was asked what political party he preferred. Honest Ike said, "I’ve not voted much, but I don’t think I’m a Democrat."

Ike was elected as a Republican and was great. Ike took the tax bases of Roosevelt and Truman and invested in America, thus he’s been called the Father of the Freeway. Is that anything like the Republican Party of 2020-21? Ike and my older brother risked their lives to rid the world of the kind of people that have a hold on one of our political parties.

I’ll say this: Maybe it’s my age, but I can’t understand how 10 people could vote for someone like Donald J. Trump for dog catcher. And we can’t forget our own Dan Newhouse signed a letter out of Texas with 105 others attacking our democracy.