To the editor -- Your Sept. 17 editorial from the St. Louis Post Dispatch is disgusting and borders on treason. When the military circumvents the authority of the president of the United States we aren’t on our way to a Third World banana republic, we have arrived.

I am not a Trump fan! However, when I was in the Army we were told on many occasions that the Army is not a representative republic, but we defend one.

If Gen. Milley truly believed that President Trump was deranged to the point of starting an irrational war, there were tools at his disposal that would have solved the problem without committing treason. The 25th Amendment is just for that.

Had a colonel or even a one-star general done what Gen. Milley did, they would have been court martialed.

So, welcome to the Third World, where the military is really in charge. The only real shame is that Gen. Milley didn’t do the same thing to President Biden to avert a real catastrophe in Afghanistan.


Terrace Heights