Eliquis is an expensive prescription medication that is meant to prevent blood clots.

To the editor — I am expressing my concerns that Kaiser Permenante Insurance wants to control us.

We can only have mail-order prescriptions. The mail, as we know, is not always delivered in a timely manner. A lot of us are seniors and can't have our prescriptions delayed.

Kaiser will eventually run our local pharmacies out of business.

Also, I had a recent blood clot break loose and shut me down. My doctor put me on Eliquis, as this is the best medication for my blood clots. Nine months later, Kaiser is denying me to continue with Eliquis. They now want me on a generic blood thinner.

Kaiser Insurance is controlling us! They don't care about us, they just want profits.

If we don't take a stand, then nothing will ever change.

We need more people to call our insurance commissioner with our complaints, in hopes that changes will be made.