Registered nurses Bret Desgrosellier, left, and Sarah Williams, right, work in the COVID unit at Yakima Memorial Hospital.

To the editor -- To Mr. Harveaux and your 9/13 letter against Gov. Inslee’s vaccine mandate, I suggest you spend more time counting your blessings, because you sound very fortunate. I wager you or your loved ones have never been assaulted, sexually or otherwise, or you would never so absurdly liken a vaccine to rape.

You have never rushed a loved one to a hospital emergency room to be turned away because the hospital is full. You have probably never narrowly won a hard-fought battle with a deadly disease, COVID or otherwise, saved by the same doctors, nurses and other medical staff now begging us to listen. Importantly, you’re not suffering with the debilitating effects of long COVID or anything else that has robbed you of your ability to support your family!

None of us want the COVID virus to enter and overtake our bodies. And our leaders are trying to see that our medical systems aren’t overrun, our schools closed yet again and the economy further weakened. We have little margin of error for the next crisis, even a bus accident.

Please review those “good reasons” you gave a nod to, and do the right thing. Thank you!