To the editor -- As a former Special Forces Commander who spent almost seven years in Afghanistan and Iraq, I am conflicted with the recent departure of U.S. and Coalition forces from Afghanistan. Let's allow history to unfold on what was done right and wrong.

However, I find it prudent to thank Sen. Patty Murray's office for their assistance with the successful repatriation of a British family out of Kabul.

It was a harrowing two weeks guiding the family through Taliban checkpoints and safe house to safe house. With moments to spare the British ground forces rescued and guided this family through the Kabul airport prior to the horrific bombing.

Retired city of Union Gap attorney Phil Lamb and retired Command Sgt. Maj. Steve Saunders were instrumental in the efforts of a successful snatch and rescue mission.

Our community of Yakima demonstrates once again our values and commitment. A family currently safe in London is thankful to not only live and prosper in peace, but the efforts of our community will be spoken of for generations.