To the editor -- I thought after the botched recommendation by the EMS committee in omitting very relevant information about awarding an exclusive contract for a single ambulance company, the commissioners would drop it, but they didn't.

I'm so annoyed when government thinks they have the power to choose winners. I see that a lot in my business. Here's how it should work:

  1. Set standards for availability of response.
  2. If a non-mass casualty event occurs and the ambulance company on rotation isn't available they get cut from emergency rotation for 24-48 hours, escalating with each violation. After 3 unavailability responses in a set time frame they lose rotation for a year.

This would effectively force the ambulance companies to hire more people. It's called performance responsibility. Writing an RFP that gives one ambulance company exclusivity without any standards in place is fraught with a terse legal response from the losing party. What about when the winning ambulance fails to meet the new standards, the failing company was already run out of business and there's no Plan B?

Government can set standards, and once those are failed then the problem takes care of itself. An RFP with no standards in place is legal suicide.