To the editor — A recent letter (June 6: "Climate-change skeptics speak up") expressing climate skepticism asks us to discuss “how to reduce the future damage, but, please, reasonable arguments and common searches for solution!”

Unfortunately, that laudable request is negated by several previous “bullets” repeating many of the time-worn and thoroughly discredited tropes offered up by those who refuse to recognize the danger of global warming and its associated impacts. It is impossible to “discuss” all those points in a short letter, but as a scientist who spent four decades observing, modeling and writing scientific articles about remarkable changes in the Arctic environment (where warming is already catastrophic), I can assure the author that it is not only “pseudo-scientists” who are concerned.

The problem is very real and immediate. The most effective action that we can take collectively is to reduce our energy dependence on fossil carbon. A bipartisan bill introduced in Congress (Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act, HR 763), if enacted, would take a giant step in reducing carbon emissions by implementing a fee and dividend approach to recognizing the true cost of CO2 pollution, while spurring the economy. In the spirit of his request, I encourage the letter writer and others to investigate it.