To the editor -- Jan. 6 is being compared to the Civil War, the fall of Saigon, the Holocaust and 9/11. Where will Joe Biden's flawed execution of the Afghanistan withdrawal fit into this list?

How will Nancy Pelosi use her power to minimize the many requests to hold the Biden-Harris administration accountable for inflicting so much pain, terror and grief on so many people and causing the deaths of many? We will never know the extent of the damage he caused.

On Inauguration Day Joe Biden and Kamala Harris were compared to Moses and Aaron.

The 40-year journey through the desert that Moses and Aaron led the Israelites on before they reached the Promised Land cannot be compared to abandoning and stranding tens of thousands of people in the desert to become the victims of the most vile, cruel and bloodthirsty people on Earth and the needless deaths of hundreds, including 13 American heroes, while he and many staff members took vacations and seemed inconvenienced to have their vacations interrupted.