Screen time

Schoolwork means students of all ages spend lots of time staring at screens -- which means parents need to do some homework of their own.

To the editor — We wish for children with an innocently natural, non-boastful sense of their own value and an equally innocent trust in anyone's ability to recognize it. With an eager curiosity that would venture anywhere in the certainty that life holds nothing unworthy or closed to discovery. Should they encounter malevolence, they would reject it contemptuously, not as dangerous, but as stupid. They would not accept it in abject resignation as a law of existence.

Do we accept malevolence in abject resignation?

For all sorts of "good reasons" we continue to create an educational system that stunts a child's brain, seeks to convince them that reason is impotent and that existence is an irrational chaos with which they are unable to deal, thus reducing them to a state of chronic terror, chronic dependence.

Do we have evil adults who would not hesitate to confront a child with the irrational? Sadly, you know we do.

Are we doing anything to rid ourselves of such people or, better yet, prevent their creation?

Not so much.